Muslims around the world celebrated the holy month of Ramadan, by spending time with their families and loved ones. Here in the port of Umm Qasr, where the work never stops, BGT recognized Umm Qasr’s vital unsung heroes of trade; the cargo truck drivers bustling around the port to deliver containers and ultimately moving the economy forward.

 BGT team donated their time and energy into preparing a humble Iftar meal pack, consisting of drinks and snacks to hydrate and energize the drivers after a full day of working under the sun..

Each meal was then wrapped and delivered with a heartening message from BGT staff, filled with gratitude for the drivers’ dedication to their work. As the mosques were about to chant the call for prayer announcing the end of the day’s fast, Iftar meals were distributed by BGT staff to drivers around the port as the team shared a moment of compassion at the day’s end.