The spread of COVID-19 has placed the entire world in an unprecedented situation. During this difficult time, the ability to transport cargo and deliver essential goods like food and medical supplies is one of the keys to overcoming this pandemic.

Despite the restrictions, Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) remains fully committed to providing its trademark 24/7 world-class service.  To ensure the uninterrupted movement of cargo, BGT is focusing on three things:  protecting the health and well-being of the staff, serving clients, and supporting the local community.

BGT’s HSSE Department is leading the Company’s internal efforts to ensure compliance with the national government’s new regulations to curb the spread of the disease.  The department supervises the cleaning and disinfection of all import containers upon discharge. 

All import containers are sprayed with disinfectant prior to exiting the terminal


To minimize the risk of infection, non-essential staff have been allowed to work remotely from their homes and utilize technology for meetings.  Those who are not feeling well are advised to self-isolate.  All non-essential travel and meetings remain cancelled. 

Health and temperature screenings are also implemented in all the terminal’s access points.  Visitors and other employees are encouraged to frequently wash their hands using the hand wash stations deployed across the terminal.  Meanwhile, all vessel and quayside personnel are required to wear masks and gloves at all times.  The Company also regularly conducts awareness campaigns to keep everyone up to date with the latest information about COVID-19.


Face masks and gloves are now part of the required PPE inside the terminal 


Outside the terminal, the Company has extended assistance to the local community.  BGT donated chemicals to the Umm Qasr local government to help disinfect the streets.  The Company also distributed more than 100 bags containing essential and cleaning items, along with bags of fruits and vitamins to help strengthen the immune system.


An employee hands a bag of supplies to children in the community


To help stop the disease from spreading further, employees handed out flyers containing health measures approved by the World Health Organization. The dissemination of COVID-related information is as equally important as the dissemination of relief goods.

Phillip Marsham, BGT Chief Executive Officer, commends all the staff for their support and cooperation during this difficult time.  BGT will continue to support the local community and ensure continuous movement across the supply chain.