Basra Gateway Terminal’s (BGT) unmatched service places the Company front and center in responding to the region’s development needs as Iraq’s oil and gas (O&G) sector continues to grow. With BP announcing its latest venture in Rumaila – one of the country’s largest and most rapidly growing oilfields – BGT was the first choice for the unique challenge of handling the oil company’s massive and delicate cargo.
Last December, BGT’s O&G advanced cargo handling and specialized team efficiently handled five shipments of 48-inch coated pipes, which required complex and careful handling in line with international safety standards. The handling of the cargo aligns with BGT’s goal for Iraq’s future, considering the project’s immense impact on Basra’s economic development through increased job opportunities. The project will also improve water supply for one of Iraq’s largest oilfields, increasing the facility’s efficiency.
BGT’s exceptional productivity and focus on the safe handling of international project cargos support the country’s economic growth and paves the way for more investments in the region.


Aerial view of Basra Gateway Terminal’s Berth 19, which is dedicated for general cargo operations