Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) continues to support nation building in Iraq through the safe and efficient handling of project cargo – this time for the Basra Water Supply Improvement Project in the cities of Basrah and Hartha.

BGT unloaded 1,013 ductile iron pipes, weighing 6,373 tons in total, from the MV Interlink Dignity. The pipes will be used for the construction and rehabilitation of water supply facilities, including a water treatment plant and a water distribution network, to improve the supply and quality of water in the two cities.

Before the 1991 Gulf War, the water supply in Iraq compared favorably with those of neighboring countries. However, subsequent economic sanctions, conflicts and climate change have negatively affected the country’s water supply over the years. BGT is honored to share its logistics and cargo handling expertise to assist in projects that aim to improve the lives of people in its host community and the country.