Bitumen and sulfur are being exported from Umm Qasr for the first time thanks to Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT).

Bitumen and sulfur from Iraq are exported mostly to India and other Asia-Pacific countries in bulk, steel drums, jumbo bags or flexitanks. Iraq has been relying on ports in neighboring countries to export them. With the expansion and development undertaken by International Container Terminal Services, Inc. at the Port of Umm Qasr and the recent changes in local regulation, it is now possible to export bitumen and sulfur through the port.

BGT worked closely with shipping agents to provide bitumen exporters with a one-stop logistics solution that includes storage, stuffing, customs clearance and container weighing services. This lowered the costs and waiting times for trucks, resulting in optimized container flow and improved efficiency. With the reduced logistics costs and complexity, the Port of Umm Qasr has become the port of choice for bitumen exports.

Bitumen and sulfur are derivatives of oil. Iraq, one of the world’s largest oil producers, has attained a three percent global export market share since 2015. Thanks to foreign investment, this number has increased over the years. In 2020, Iraq exported more than 180,000 tons of bitumen of grade 60/70 along with 20,000 tons of bitumen grade 80/100 and VG 30.